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Important CLASS Information


Trials/Makeup Policies

Trials: We recommend that all dancers try a class in advance before signing up for a full session. We offer one free trial class in advance of registration. Please call us at 323-255-5234 or email us on the schedule page to schedule a trial lesson. We cannot always accommodate walk-in trials and we do not offer trials for classes listed as full. Thanks so much, look forward to dancing with you!

Enrollment-Young Children’s Program ( ages 18mos-5yrs) We accept enrollment up until the 3rd week of the session for our classes age 18 mo-5yrs. Tuition will be prorated based on the date of enrollment.

Enrollment-TTDC Program ( ages 6 and up) We accept enrollment at any time, however, if you sign up after the 3rd week of the fall or winter semester, you will be required to take 1-2 private lessons ( at discretion of the instructor) at the rate of $35/3o min to get caught up. Ask a staff member for more details, we are happy to help! Tuition will be prorated based on the date of enrollment for the TTDC program as well.

Make-up Policy: We offer makeup classes for any missed classes. If you would like to makeup your class, please contact the studio via email or phone to schedule this in advance, we cannot always accommodate walk-in makeups and we do not offer makeups for classes listed as full.

** Please note! Makeup lessons cannot be used as credits towards future classes. They do not expire and can be used at any time but cannot roll over as tuition credit toward future sessions. Thank you. **

No-Refund Policy: We offer a free trial class in advance of signing up and we do not offer refunds after you have officially enrolled your child in class. If something does come up we can offer a credit towards future classes. If you have a medical circumstance, please contact the director and we can work something out for you. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Dance Class Attire

Getting dressed up for dance class is a big part of the fun! Here are our requirements for class, please feel free to try class before purchasing your dancewear and shoes. :)

Ballet: class is as follows: leotard and tights of any color,  tutus and skirts are welcome for students in toddler-Ballet 1. Ballet 2 and up, no skirts, please wear black or pale pink leotard and tights. Boys often wear leggings and a t-shirt. Ballet shoes, please. 

 Jazz class: leotard or fitted top tights/leggings and jazz shoes.

Modern/Contemp: leotard or fitted top tights/leggings and barefeet

Tap : leotard or fitted top tights/leggings and tap shoes. 

Hip Hop class: comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

For all classes, children who are ages six and up are required to have their hair up and out of the face. A bun, ponytail, or braid are all acceptable.  We recommend “The Red Shoes” in South Pasadena, our favorite independent dancewear store.

Toddler Ballet // ages 2-3 yrs

Toddlers ages 2 - 3 are invited to come explore creative dance and ballet in this whimsical dance class. We get these young dancers moving with imaginative props, fun music, creative imagery and storytelling. Learn to plie with our balloon dance,  leap like a dolphin, chasse like a unicorn and so much more.

Class runs 45 min, parents/caregivers may observe in the classroom

Parent and Me Ballet // ages 18 mos - 2 yrs

Does your little one love to move and dance anytime you turn music on? Then this is the class for you. Young tots learn the basics of creative dance and ballet and also experience being in a classroom with other children in a nurturing and fun environment. This is a parent/caregiver participation class, so you get to enjoy this experience and learn ballet with your child. 

Class runs 40-45 min, parent/caregiver participation required

Preschool Ballet // ages 3 - 4 yrs

In preschool ballet dancers dive into more ballet technique while still enjoying a playful and creative class. We have developed a curriculum that uses beautiful music, improvisation and story-dances to engage preschoolers' active imagination all while incorporating proper technique and terminology. Perfect class for the beginner or those whom have completed toddler ballet. 

50 min

Preschool Ballet and Tap // ages 3 - 4 yrs

This class is designed for dancers who want to try both ballet and tap dance. This class is similar to the above preschool ballet for the first 30 min and then the kids change into tap shoes. Tap is great for fine motor development, musicality and rhythm. Its also a lot of fun and perfect for a preschooler full of energy!

55 min

Pre-ballet // ages 4 - 5 yrs

This class is designed for students who are ready for more ballet technique but yet still want to have a class full of imagination and fun. We will introduce more longer barrework with increased emphasis on flexibility and balance. Our center and across the floor sequences will add more compound step combinations and added port de bras (arm movements) They will also learn more comprehensive choreography and develop performance skills which really boost self confidence.

55 min

Hip Hop // All Levels

Get ready to move and groove to the latest music  in our Hip Hop classes.  Dancers learn to pop and lock, bounce, wave and body roll. We’ll also be strengthening our muscles with floorwork  such as the coffee-grinder and other breakdancing movements,  We also introduce energetic dance combinations and fun choreography. 

Jazz //All Levels

In Jazz, students will work on improving performance skills and retaining choreography with weekly combinations. Jazz technique layers on ballet including strength building warm-ups, flexibility, isolations, across the floor progressions and choreography.


Contemporary//All Levels

Contemporary is a style of dance that draws from modern, jazz and ballet dance genres.  Students will express themselves through movement that is driven by the music and its lyrics in this combination-centered class structure. Each week dancers will learn a new combination in focus on both performance and choreography skills. 

Modern// All Levels

This class introduces classical modern dance technique and movement and serves as a platform for creative self expression. We will explore the many influences of modern dance including Graham, Cunningham, Limon, Horton, Release Technique and Contact Improvisation through different works of choreography and across the floor progressions.  This expressive curriculum encourages dancers to see the connection between the body and mind and also learn to collaborate with other classmates in composition projects.



Dance composition guides students through the language of dance and poetry of movement. This highly improvisational platform introduces the fundamentals of choreography and allows for students to create their own dances both on their own and with small groups. Each week will be a different composition lesson that challenges students to look at dance in a new and creative way. 


Tap // All Levels

In Tap, we focus on rhythm and musicality in center floor exercises, across the floor progressions, and choreography. This class helps build the dancer’s stamina, musical ear and artistic style. From Broadway tap to Rhythm Tap, we have fun producing clear tap sounds that interpret or mirror the music we are tapping along with.

Ballet // All Levels

In Ballet, we focus on barre work, stretching, center work, across the floor progressions. Within these exercises, we aim to encourage artistry, musicality, flexibility, strength, and dedication. The curriculum draws on our classical conservatory training, yet is instructed in an engaging way that promotes the joy of movement and creative expression.