Fall 1 2019 SCHEDULE

Below is the schedule of classes for our 2019 Fall 1 Schedule Sept 3-Oct 28, 2019

  Our fall session runs 8 weeks and is $200/session for 1 class per week.

Ask about a FREE trial lesson!

We accept enrollment until week 3 of the current session and will pro-rate the cost based on the date of enrollment.

Please note: if a class is listed as full, there are no makeups or trial lessons available.

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For information on Eastside Arts Acting Classes in residence at TTDC, please visit this website for more details and class info:  https://www.eastsideartsla.com/




Front Studio

             3:30pm Beg Tap 6-9                       Miss Kate ** New Class**

            4:30pm Preballet and Tap + //Age 5 Miss Kate— CLASS FULL//no trials or makeups

5:30pm Beg Hip Hop //Ages 6-9 Miss Kate— CLASS FULL// no trials or makeups

            6:30pm  Beg Tap//Ages 6-9 Miss Kate

            7:30pm  Inter Hip Hop//Ages 8-11               Miss Kate


Back Studio

               4:00pm Ballet 4// by permission                     Miss Christine

            5:30pm Inter/Adv Contemp Jazz//by permission         Miss Christine

            6:30pm Ballet 5//by permission Miss Christine

            8:00pm Pointe//by permission               Miss Christine


Front Studio

10:00am Adult Ballet Beg/Inter Karen Gladis * begins 9/10, $10 community class- cash or check only, please

            3:30pm Preballet//Age 4                                         Miss Ana

          4:30pm Ballet 1 and 2 //Ages 6-7                              Miss Ana

          5:30pm Toddler Ballet//Ages 2-3                       Miss Ana

          6:30pm Beg Modern Dance//Ages 6-9                 Miss Dina —- CLASS FULL // no trials or makeups available

7:15pm Beg Modern Dance//Ages 8-10                 Miss Dina

Back Studio

            3:30pm  Ballet/Tap Level 2//Ages 7-8                      Miss Kate

          4:30pm  Inter Lyrical Jazz//Ages 9 and up               Miss Kate

        5:30pm Inter Musical Theatre//by permission         Miss Kate

      6:30pm  Adv Hip Hop//by permission                 Miss Kate

        7:30pm Adv Jazz and Lyrical//by permission   Miss Kate




Front Studio

        9:30am   Toddler Ballet//Ages 2-3                   Miss Christine

10:30am Preballet and Tap//Age 4 Miss Christine

        3:30pm  Preschool Ballet//Ages 3-4        Miss Kate

      4:30pm   Toddler Ballet//Ages 2-3                         Miss Kate

      5:30pm   Beg Hip Hop// Ages 5-8                          Miss Kate —— CLASS FULL // no trials or makeups available

6:30pm Beg/Inter Jazz//Ages 6-9 Miss Kate


Back Studio

3:30 pm Ballet 1&2 //Ages 6-7 Miss Dina ( new time!)

    4:30 pm Inter/Adv Modern Dance//Ages 9 and up             Miss Dina ( 45 min)

    5:15pm Inter/Adv Contemporary//by permission             Miss Dina

    6:15 pm  Ballet 5// by permission                                          Miss Dina

    7:45pm  Pointe//by permission       Miss Dina


 Front Studio

    9:30am  Toddler Ballet// Ages 2-3                                                 Miss Kate

  10:30am  Preschool Ballet and Tap//Ages 3-4                          Miss Kate

  11:30am   Preschool Hip Hop//Ages 3-4                                      Miss Kate



Front Studio    

9:00am   Preschool Ballet and Tap//Ages 3-4         Miss Kate — CLASS FULL // no trials or makeups available

10:00am  Toddler Ballet//Ages 2-3                                  Miss Kate --CLASS FULL

11:00am  Parent and Me Dance//Ages 18mos-2 yrs        Miss Dina

12:00pm  Preschool Hip Hop//Ages 3-4                      Miss Kate 


Back Studio

      9:00am   Ballet 2//Age 7                                                     Miss Dina 

          10:00am  Preballet//Age 4                                                   Miss Dina Class Full

          11:00am  Preballet and Tap Plus//Age 5                                    Miss Kate

12:00pm  Preschool Hip Hop//Ages 3-4                      Miss Kate 

          12:00pm  Ballet 1//Age 6                                         Miss Dina

          1:00pm Inter/Advanced Tap//by permission    Miss Christine

        2:00pm  Company Corps and Soloist Rehearsal//by audition          Miss Christine

       3:30pm  Competition Team Rehearsal//by audition                Miss Christine

      5:00pm  Jr Company Rehearsal//by audition                                Miss Christine

6:30pm Beg Tap//Ages 6-9 Miss Christine




Front Studio

  9:00am  Preballet//Age 4                                                       Miss Ana

      10:00am  Toddler Ballet//Ages 2-3                                            Miss Ana 

      11:00am  Preschool Ballet//Ages 3-4                                        Miss Ana

      12:00pm  Beg Jazz 6-9                                            Miss Ana * new class*

Back Studio

     9:00am  Preschool Ballet/Tap//Ages 3-4                                Miss Dina

    10:00am  Ballet 3//Age 8 and up//by permission                Miss Dina

    11:00am  Ballet 2//Age 7                                                 Miss Dina

12:00pm Ballet  1//Age 6 Miss Dina